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KITES foundation volunteering

An incubator for startups that will drive social change by engaging thousands of volunteers

eivolve 2024 application is now closed!


eivolve 2022 basecamp with Jithin

eivolve will incubate startup ideas that aspire to bring about significant social impact driven through volunteers. 

Be it in education, environment, animal welfare, disability, child care, health, gender issues, civic engagement and citizenship or any other cause, eivolve intends to support organisations that aim to engage thousands of volunteers as changemakers.

Volunteers could teach, spread awareness, participate in campaigns, run the organisation's operations or play any other significant role in bringing about change–mode can be both virtual or in-person.


Long term social change needs sustained work, not just by a handful of development professionals, but through the support of every Indian citizen. 

Volunteering allows citizens to understand social issues and the underlying systemic biases and challenges that prevent the poor from rising up. It helps them become part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem. 


When every Indian volunteers for a cause of their choice, we will build society's capacity to solve current and future problems, by creating citizens who care about issues and take responsibility to solve them. 

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Click above for examples of organisations that create significant social impact through volunteers​​

Click above to know more about the incubator, eligibility, selection criteria, processes, financial support available and timelines. ​​

Why Volunteering
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