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Volunteering Driven Organisations in India


Angel Xpress Foundation

Have 1000+ volunteer teachers who conduct classes in Math, English, and Science for students in 5-10 grade. Volunteers, on average, spend more than 100 hours in a full academic year.



Works extensively with volunteers across demographic - school children, youth, and young professionals - in education, environment, and civic causes doing more than 2 lakh volunteer hours every year.


Connect for

An intermediary platform that has 35,000+ volunteer users and 130,000+ vol hours so far. Also conducts sessions to support various NGO functions.


Environmentalist Foundation of India

Building a large community of people who volunteer their time for various environmental conservation efforts across the country, including clean-up drives, logging, awareness sessions, river restoration, etc



Thousands of volunteers teach children in rural schools using digital classroom technology. They have been able to reach more than 500,000 children through volunteer teachers during Covid.



A volunteering intermediary platform focused on providing opportunities exclusively to corporate volunteers. The platform also offers other service offerings around monetary giving along with volunteering.


I am Gurgaon

A unique citizen-led volunteering movement that works with corporates, residential groups, and the local municipal corporation across various environmental and social causes.



One of India's first volunteering intermediaries that offers volunteering services to NGOs and corporate volunteers and engages close to 10,000 volunteers in a year in virtual as well as physical volunteering opportunities. Other offerings include Whiteboard which engages CXOs in volunteering opportunities.


Let's Be The Change

Works with volunteering groups, including corporates, on creating cleaner urban spaces through spot-fixing, painting, and other volunteering opportunities.


Make A Difference

Engages 2000+ volunteers every year in providing high-quality educational support to children in child care institutions across the country, with each volunteer contributing over 400 hours each (1 million+ hours cumulatively)

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Mentor Together

Mentor Together is a nonprofit organization in India that provides mentoring relationships and networks to young people from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. Mentor Together has enabled more than 1000 volunteering pairs and their Mentor-To-Go app has been accessed by over 32000 mentors and mentees in the 4 years since its launch. Volunteers contribute a minimum of 10 hours as Mentors.


Robin Hood Army

Has a network of over 1 lakh volunteers who do weekly food distribution and run academies to teach children in underserved communities in more than 100 cities in India. 


Reap Benefit

Primarily focused on building a "civic muscle" in school children and youth volunteers who engage in a series of activities that take them through an evolution in the environment and civic cause areas. 



Have a unique platform to map unsafe public places and record cases of abuse through volunteer reporters. Over 5,000 volunteers have reported more than 20,000 instances, with each spending 5-10 hours on average.


Team Everest

Supports a wide range of DIY and beneficiary connect volunteering opportunities, engaging more than 15,000+ volunteers (including corporate volunteers) who clock over 150,000 volunteer hours annually. They also engage volunteers to raise more than INR 5 crore every year to support their scholarship program.


United Way Mumbai

An intermediary platform that facilitates a variety of giving and volunteering, including project-based partnerships as well as large-scale events such as the Tata Mumbai Marathon.


Youth for Seva

Has worked with 112,380 volunteers to date in volunteering opportunities across education, environment, and health initiatives. These projects are one-time, short-term, and long-term opportunities.

International Volunteering Driven Organisations


AARP Create the Good

It is a for-profit model where senior citizens who have registered as members of "AARP" get access to curated volunteering opportunities. They currently boast a network of 10,000+ senior citizen volunteers.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Has been running an extensive one-to-one adult to child mentoring program for more than 100 years now. Has city and state chapters, each of which engages thousands of mentor volunteers annually.


Boston Cares

Offers hyperlocal volunteering opportunities across social and civic causes, and has engaged more than 20,000 volunteers. The "Cares" is a franchise-based model where several other cities have also adopted similar volunteering programs in their cities. 


Do Something

A platform that uses a unique "cause marketing" approach to engage volunteers for a wide range of volunteering opportunities. They currently have a network of more than 50,000 volunteers.


Crisis Text Line

Have built a unique community of volunteers who work as Crisis responders to people seeking counseling, mental health support, and help. Through their technology, over 10,000 volunteers offer help through text messages


Points of Light Engage

Offers remote, skill-based volunteering opportunities to volunteers and NGOs across the world. 


Taproot Plus

Offers a large variety of skill-based volunteering opportunities. They have managed 175,000+ volunteering hours through the 30,000+ volunteers they have on their platform. 


Volunteer Match

One of America's first volunteering intermediaries that works with thousands of nonprofits across the world in providing high-quality volunteers.

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